26. July 2014

We can order an configure your tracker – just drop us an email for a quote: info@huestel.de Very easy and low effort for you!tracker

23. July 2014

You’re looking for the right tracker for OpenGTS?

We can offer you various TK 102 tracker preconfigured or will configure them for use with any OpenGTS platform.

Just drop us an email via info@huestel.de for an offer.

Release of version 2.2.

Author: admin
6. January 2014

Version 2.2. (of both free and paid edition) of our OpenGTS-Tracking App GTSTracker is ready for download at the app store.

There is a major bugfix related to iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c with iOS 7.


27. August 2013

After upgrading to version 2.0 some issues were reported while converting the configuration. A fix is already in progress, but releasing in app store might take a while. The app is crashing e.g. when clicking on start tracker…

The workaround is to re-initialize the config:

- Write down your settings
- Close the app
- Uninstall the app
- Soft-Reboot your iphone
- Install the app from scratch
- Make sure you grant permissions to the GPS features when asked
- Enter settings
- Change vehicle id only to something like test123
- Return to main page
- Close the app
- Re-open the app
- Click start tracker
=> Now the config is written correctly
- Now you can change it to your custom settings

A few minutes ago, Version 2.0 of ours OpenGTS Trackers for iPhone GTSTracker was released in App Store.

What’s new in Version 2.0:

- UI-Redesign
- SSL Support (experimental)
- Export waypoints as csv
- Show waypoints on map
- Altitude in display
- Bugfix in checksum calculation
- Settings / advanced settings
- Import settings profile from URL / XML
- Use of Sqllite
- Better battery performance

Ready for download in App-Store.

Unfortunately Apple was hacked recently – so I’m not able to publish an update… As soon as the Apple Developer Center is fully working again, I will publish version 2.0 of GTSTracker – our OpenGTS App.

While waiting I will provide you a Sneak-Preview:


If you e.g. bought our iOS App for OpenGTS and have no own OpenGTS server we have a new offer for you.

You can buy an account (multiple devices are possible) on our OpenGTS-Platform for only 35 USD (incl. tax) for 12 months.

Create now an account instantly on:

If you just want to see OpenGTS in action or a demo – click here:
http://tracker.gergts.de and then on “Demo” at the login screen.

If you have any problems with it, please contact us.

New version coming soon

Author: admin
23. February 2013

Currently we develop a new version of our tracker – it will be available in the Apple Store soon.